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Hey guys, just a quick background: Current CE user for my macs (work + home) for at least 2 years. Love it -- keep up the good work.

Recently, I got an iPod Touch (with iOS4 installed), and am thinking about getting an iPhone 4. So, I don't know what the CE browser is like in previous versions, but after using Safari, I have a few gripes. Now, I recognize there may be things that you're limited by (the biggest example is the inability to do checking the background, even after this "multitasking" release of iOS4), but I think there might be some you can do. Anyways, I looked around for a forum of sorts, but this is probably the best way to reach you guys..

* USABILITY: Opening browser: after it auto-logs in, virtual keyboard remains on screen. Annoying to have to do 2 taps each and every time to see the rest of screen.
* USABILITY: Please remove info icon from bottom-right. Adds to clutter. (And on the iPhone, clutter equates to decreasing the chances of hitting the intended icon, which leads to frustration.)
* BUG: Google search (top-right) doesn't work. It just goes to Google's home page, but doesn't activate the search.
* FEATURE REQUEST: Hitting the plus sign in Safari also shows "add to home screen". Not so with CE.
* USABILITY: The tabs menu doesn't feel as Apple-esque (I now have Safari disabled, so I can't currently explain the differences).
* BUG: Let's say my first tab is on cnn.com. I open a second tab, go somewhere. If I go back to my first tab, it changes to my google.calendar page. Not sure why (sometimes it goes to my google.voice page). Maybe it's b/c I have "Google Mobile" saved in my bookmark, but either way, this is NOT the desired effect.
* FEATURE REQUEST: Holding on a link should also prompt "Open to new tab" menu.

Ideally, CE should just run in the background or as a Safari extension, but I understand the extreme limitations you have. All the more, therefore, the closer you guys can get the CE browser to the Safari experience, the better.

Thanks for hearing me out!
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Official Response
While there are still several of these that remain at large, with the release of today's update (http://helpforum.covenanteyes.com/cov...) it seems like a good time to pull together the information in several of the replies above for an overall update on the iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch app.

There have been 4 releases between August 26, 2010 and today. Here are the issues that have been addressed:

• The Keyboard – Remember the little keyboard that wouldn’t go away? We made it go away. Now you won’t have it crowding your screen.

• Google Search – Before if you used the Google search bar, it would just take you to Google’s homepage. Now, it actually runs the searches you ask for (imagine that).

• Saving bookmarks – You can now save your bookmarks like normal. For those who have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, or a fourth-generation iPod touch, this may have been a problem for you before. No longer!

• iPad size – The app now runs at full size on the iPad and it will be compatible with any new screen sizes that might be released in the future.

• Improved tabbed browsing – As you swipe through your open tabs, pages move in a much smoother fashion than before.

• Improved landscape view – Some screens had a problem resizing to fit the landscape mode. That has been fixed in this update.

• Improved overall stability

• The Google search box to use the mobile optimized search results page.

• Fixed a bug preventing the search box from accepting an “&” character.

• Improved the app memory features.

• Some reported the browser was crashing often. We found the weak link in the technical chain and repaired it.

• Some username and passwords were being labeled as invalid. This was actually related to the crashing issue and has been fixed.

• The browser history now shows one entry per page.

Thank you all for your patience as we've been sorting through these bugs. We've heard your pain and are all excited that this latest release will hopefully be able to stop the worst of it.