Improvements to CE Apple iPhone/iPad app coming soon?

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Good morning,

I recently started using CE's iPhone and iPad app and am disappointed about the loss of functionality with these devices with the result of having to disable Safari. I understand how the mobile device platform differs from that of a computer in regards to downloading software, but I am hoping to hear of some future updates to the CE app coming soon.

The following suggestions would GREATLY improve customer experience and functionality of app:
-Ability to open web links from emails and other apps(like one can when Safari is enabled)...couldn't even open confirmation link to verify my email for this support blog due to disabling Safari
-Ability to set the CE app/program as the mobile devices' NEW default browser (to therefore allow more functionality like that discussed in first bullet point)
-Ability to "send to home screen" and create icons of favorite websites vs. bookmarks as it was possible with Safari
-the ability to somehow change icon/text of CE app to "look" like Safari app to make it less obvious someone is using CE vs. Safari. (Or find a way CE program and run in background like on computer and allow users to utilize regular web browsing app I.e. Safari on mobile devices)

Thank you very much for your help and attention to these suggestions and I look forward to hopefully some upgrades soon!

All the best,

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Posted 7 years ago

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Thanks for weighing in and for the suggestions. I am grateful for your willingness to shoulder some of the inconveniences that accountability on iOS presently requires. As a fellow iOS user, I genuinely sympathize with your frustrations!

Unfortunately, there's only a portion of one of your suggestions over which we have any control. That one is the ability to make the CE browser less conspicuous. We hear, from time to time, requests for this. And it is something we might be open to entertaining. To date we've operated under the supposition that iOS devices tend to be personal devices used almost exclusively by the owner. We may have come to a hasty conclusion there, and I am open to revisiting it.

I'll attempt to address your other concerns sequentially:

1.) Apple doesn't allow the user to set his own default browser--at its core, this is the issue you're experiencing in the inability to open links from Mail. Apple has "hardwired" iOS devices to open links from Mail in Safari only. We attempted to make your life slightly easier by building the CE browser to recognize when you have a link on your clipboard and ask if you want to open it when you launch CE. So from now on, copy the link from the email, open CE, and it'll ask if you want to go there.

2.) This one is covered in the above answer, and is the ever-present thorn in our side. Life would be substantially easier for our customers if Apple would lift this restriction and trust the user to set his own default browser.

3.) Again, sadly, sending pages to the homescreen is a feature Apple only allows for Safari.

4.) I addressed part of this in the first paragraph, but the second part is still outstanding. iOS does not allow a program to run in the background the way a computer OS does. Audio apps are the single exception--they're allowed by Apple to continue playing audio even when they're not at the fore. Therefore, a background app isn't available to us as an option.

Nolan, I assure you we're working as diligently as possible to provide a more transcendent, less restrictive solution for iOS. We're presently on a path to that solution, and when it's ready for delivery we won't keep it a secret. Until then, continue to fight the good fight and know that we're working hard to make your fight less painful!

Thank you!
Product Owner for CE Mobile