How do you lock down iOS? (Share Strategies)

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With parental controls and Covenant Eyes what method/combination do you all use? What works best for your family? 
Here is what we are doing right now and why.
  1. Set up the Covenant Eyes browser. 
  2. Enable Parental Controls. 
  3. Set the "DownTime" for all day. Literally, the only up time is between 4:00am and 4:01am. 
  4. Enable all the apps we want them to have access to through "Always Allow". 
  5. Disable Safari and News. Uninstall any app that have a browser and social media apps. Force the family to use Instagram and Facebook through the CE browser app. (I know it's a greatly diminished experience.)
This does allow a few things. 
  1. The kids can update their own apps. 
  2. Any newly installed apps are instantly blocked by DownTime. 
  3. This is WAY better than all of my kids constantly asking me to update apps on their phones and iPads. When I just blocked the app store. I was getting emails from their teachers at school. 
This is WAY more complicated than my Android phone where I just install CE and move on with life. iOS is such a pain. 
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I do something similar with our iPad. My kids aren't old enough to do Facebook and Instagram or anything like that yet, or even have a phone, although one is getting close. I do use CleanBrowsing on the router and I also have Disney Circle, mostly for limiting time, but it does have some parental stuff as well. 

Does Android have good parental control options? One thing about Apple is that, although its ecosystem makes it harder for CE, it does have good options for prevention before the fact, if that makes sense.