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The idea of internet accountability is great and I'm sure a lot of people appreciate it. I know I do. However, I have observed that this type of accountability only works as a right or wrong type of scenario. If we don't look at something we are doing the right thing but if we do look at something we are doing the wrong thing. Although this is a part of it, I believe there should also be something that helps us keep track of the fact the we are being victorious over this sin and other sins. The fact that we can feel encouraged to continue in holiness and grace can be a very powerful tool, otherwise, we work in terms of right and wrong and I believe the Christian life is more than that. We surely need someone to ask us if we are being "good" but we also need someone to be joyous about us walking in holiness. So, I'm suggesting a way for the extension to keep track of victory in days. Something that we can measure. Something that tells us and encourages us to be faithful unto God. I know it may be hard to set up but if you are able, I'm sure many will appreciate the encouragement instead of feeling like today I did this or I didn't do this. The truth is we all need motivation in every area of life, why not have motivations unto holiness? Thank you.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Great feedback, Kenneth! It is always good to hear what is working well and how we could improve. I will be holding on to your suggestion as we work to get better at helping people feel encouraged in their fight against internet temptation. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion with us!
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Hi Ken,

I'd like to chime in here as well.  As Aaron wrote, thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

We do offer an app that does offer encouragement akin to what you are describing, it is called Overcome Porn: 40 Day Challenge and is available on the app store for iPhone users.  You can learn more about the app at this page on our website or by searching for it in the app store. 

Right now we don't have the Overcome Porn: 40 Day Challenge app available for Android owners, however, in the past we have offered the 40 Day Challenge via email, and will again if people are interested.  If you are interested, please fill out the form found on this page and we will let you know when we are offering the email version again.

I hope you try the Overcome Porn: 40 Day Challenge and find it helpful, if you do please tell us what you think, whether good or bad.

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As a Christian and as a psychologist I can say that " the convenant eyes" is a wonderful and useful tool to safeguard or restore the mind of addiction to pornography
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Hi - thanks for your post on doing more than just "not doing the wrong stuff"
Sure we need accountability. But having someone looking over your shoulder and getting after you when you fall is not always encouraging and uplifting. Even if your partner (who gets the reports) admits to you that he is also one who is tempted by the flesh, we need authentic brothers who admit they are broken as well - ones who are walking this same road and those to whom we look to, not for answers or who can see every detail of our struggle, but as fellow Christian men who are leaning on each other and admitting our brokenness together! Being a man of integrity doesn't mean you don't sin or don't struggle - a man of true integrity is someone who knows he doesn't have integrity ... not without the righteousness of Christ that is! Blessed are the meek - those that know that without God, they WILL fall. We need, I need, Brothers in the fight. Jesus sent out his apostles in twos, so that they were stronger as a group. Paul had Silas. Even David in his fall from grace, had friends that had the courage, and knew after being his friend for so long, that they could confront him. He was restored by God, who used his brothers in the fight, to help him become the man after God's own heart.
I wonder if others who use CE would like to join me and start a Samson group - 
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From the SS website:

The mission of Samson House is to provide a safe place, physical or virtual, for Christian men to bring their real selves and say the real truth about the things they’ve kept hidden. It’s a space of grace on the addiction battlefield, where men can be transparent without judgment or shame. It’s a storehouse of resources, an oasis of acceptance, and a network of no bull brotherhood. We recognize we’re in a battle for sexual sanity, authentic relationships, and an end to destructive hidden habits, and we refuse to let the casualties of this battle be our marriages, our children and our grandchildren.

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