Covenant Eyes 3.0 for Android Beta (discussion forum)

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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to discussion thread for Covenant Eyes 3.0 for Android release. 

A few quick thread guidelines:

The download link for the latest beta Android Version: is now on Google Play

1. To participate in this thread please register for the Beta Test.
Registration is easy and only takes a couple minutes. The link to the survey
monkey thread can be found here. 

2. Please keep the discussion on the topic of the Beta Test. I will
be moderating this thread much more aggressively than normal, to try and keep
the discussion on topic.

3. Please refrain from posting your personal information here. Your
username will not likely cause much harm, but it is always wise to limit what
personal information you post online anywhere. Feel free to send private
concerns to

4. Feel free to speak up! Even if you think what you have to say
may not be important, please share. Information allows us to continue to
improve our product. 

Thanks for Participating, looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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I know that the CE app is reported as using all other apps data, but it seems that CE itself is also burning a tremendous amount of data itself. In fact it seems to have used several GBs of data on days when the phone wasn't being used at all!

The phone reported the following regarding the data consumption of the Android Beta app:

24 January - 23 February 1.23 G.B

24 February - 23 March 2.53 G.B

24 March - 22 April 6.634 G.B

8 April - 10 April (on days of zero phone use!) 3.76 G.B

11 April - 22 April 1.53 G.B.

(The bill last week was over £100 instead of the usual £35-£40!)


A CSR at CE indicated that it is a real issue and the app should be uninstalled.

Should we uninstall so we don't get hit with astronomical data charges? Please advise.
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I installed the Beta yesterday (on a MotoG running 5.0.2) and this happened...  That's a pretty big spike!

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Same thing happened to me! I was on WiFi the entire time the program was installed!!!