Can we get data optimization?

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Hello CE Admins!

So I've been a part of the CE beta with Screen Accountability for a while and it's been working great... until this last update.

Ever since the last update, whether the cause be Google Play Services or the CE app, my battery usage by the CE app has skyrocketed and my mobile data utilization has skyrocketed. In the span of 2 hours, my phone will drop to 50% with very minimal use and in the span of 9 days, the CE app used 600MB of data and, because it has to use the Android System Process to transfer the data, the data usage for the Android Services has jumped up as well. I have a 2GB limit on my phone, mostly to curb my phone use off Wi-Fi, and CE has already used more than a quarter of it in 9 days.

Can we get some kind of data transfer optimization so that the screenshots being sent use up a lot less data?

One idea for screen accountability optimization would be to whitelist certain apps and services from having their screen recorded that don't really need to be recorded, like the Settings app or Google News App.

Also, can the battery optimization be looked into as well? Thankfully, I have a charge cable at work and at home but I don't want to have to tether my phone to use it.

One last thing, I failed one day and discovered that CE does not register all screenshots. I can provide examples if need be.
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Posted 10 months ago

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Thanks for reaching out and kindly explaining the situation. You're right, we should not be using that much data or battery.

Right off the bat, I'd advise you to uninstall and reinstall the app. As simple as that is, it can often get things back on track. [If you have a Blue Light filter, turn it off during the install. You can turn it back on afterwards.]

Secondly, I'd ask you about using Screen Accountability. According to our database, your account is running Internet Accountability. Did you switch? Have you been switching back and forth?

Third, if things are still goofy after those two items are squared away, then contact Customer Service. They are available for full troubleshooting and will also convey to the right people any feedback you have about the app. They can be reached at 877.479.1119 until 11:45 pm (EST), Monday - Friday.

Thanks again,

Robert B

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Thank you for the quick response!

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. It will work great at first but then after a few minutes will start draining battery life and bring Firefox and Chome to an almost complete halt. It takes over a minute to load some sites, but the moment I uninstall the app, the exact same sites load completely fine.

I also do not have a blue light filter.

I have been running Screen Accountability since it was launched. I was a part of the beta until a few days ago. I switched back to Internet Accountability to reduce data usage.

I will reach out to them once I am off work! Thank you!