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This isn't a specific question about covenant eyes, but more of a general question.  Are there any groups out there that understand technology and push companies to do a better job with internet protections? Couple of examples of what I have an issue with:
  1. I ran across a Sony Bluray player the other day that has a web browser that cannot be removed or password protected... it's an open pipe for all takers. Their parental controls didn't have any effect on the the browser and were basically a joke.  
  2. Speaking of jokes, in iOS you can get to a google prompt in a ton of apps, not just browsers. Of course Covenant Eyes only works as long as you are using the Covenant Eyes app.
  3. iOS's parental controls block access to all kinds of legit stuff, making web access via the phone a nightmare. It's like a hammer when you need a scalpel. 
  4. A Samsung Smart TV Iooked at had a browser in it that couldn't be password protected or eliminated (bad), but it at least had an "acceptable sites" capability that could be password protected. It does the job but it's clunky and hard for the average person to figure out. This is a common problem with controls like this... they often seem hastily assembled, non-intuitive, etc
It'd be nice if someone were out there shining the light on this and trying to drive companies to be more attentive and thoughtful about this stuff. Better yet if it was a group that understood technology and could help develop standards.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hey Ferg.

I missed this post somehow, so I apologize for the delayed response.

Honestly it sounds like what would be most beneficial for you is a Router Based Filter Service. Services like that can implement basic protection across any internet capable device that is in your home.

I recommend checking out Open DNS, they are pretty easy to setup, work well with Covenant Eyes & are totally free.

thanks for posting
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Great suggestion! This does require a router that has a configurable DNS option, which though "standard" is not universal. Though if successful, as you mentioned, it applies to every device in a home network without any per device configuration.
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That's a great idea Ferg. Organizations were created near the beginning of the Internet to safeguard certain aspects of it, but there is certainly no organization enforcing sane parental controls on electronic devices. It has taken billions of dollars in lawsuits to convince companies of the need of security measures protecting financial data, and unfortunately, as far as the pornography industry is concerned, there is a lot of financial weight against parental controls (albeit "blackmarket"). If any organization was to exist like what you were suggesting, it would probably be non-profit and have no legal power (maybe like PluggedIn for movie and game reviews?)

What John suggests is great. Though defense-in-depth is always better than a single point of failure, but there is the reality of diminishing returns in some sense...