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I'm thinking about switching phones and was wondering if someone can comment on the overall quality of the controls experience on android vs. ios for an adult user? I've had ios for a few years and find several aspects of it annoying:

1. If you disable use of Safari, then you can't access URLs in your email.
2. The worst problem... If you go into ios Restrictions and elect to "Limit Adult Content," it effectively blocks sexually explicit sites, but it also blocks many political sites, Christian sites, etc. (guess they consider this stuff "adult" too). Very annoying and you end up with literally hundreds of exceptions because of the clunky way it handles things. Is it better in Android?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey Ferg,

Lets talk about Android v.s. iOS.

Android comes with more freedom, our upcoming build will record internet activity across a variety of apps, and report app usage of those it is unable to currently track activity in.

This means that on Android you are not actually required to engage the parental controls. We have built in App locking to help lock down apps that you may not want to use. 

Furthermore the future of Android looks promising to be able to monitor the entire device, without forcing you to choose a non standard browser or applications.

The downside of Android is that those improvements, while soon, aren't quite ready yet, and there is currently no filter on Android.

 It is worth mentioning that Android does not have a built in parental controls functionality concerning blocking adult content like iOS does. That is something that you would give up by going to Android.

Our iOS team is working hard to make our browser the best it can possibly be, and they have made some awesome improvements recently, but until Apple provides us access to the operating system we at Covenant Eyes cannot deliver the same depth of experience on iOS that we are looking to deliver on Android. 

Covenant Eyes is a good solution for either, and the app for Android provides more freedom to actually use the device than the app for iOS does. However the lack off parental restrictions on Android can potentially make it a less perfect solution.
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Thanks, are these features that you say aren't there yet, are they going to be part of Covenant Eyes or Android? If Android, will they be provided automatically by future Android updates? I've read that the Android environment isn't controlled like ios, so does it matter which Android smartphone I buy?

It sounds like the Android may not have actual filtering but you can control where the accountability works and it works in the standard Android apps instead of requiring you to have a special covanent eyes browser. Therefore clicking URLs in email will work.
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Hello Ferg,
The features that John covered on Android will be a part of the Covenant Eyes App. You are also absolutely correct about not having to use a special Covenant Eyes browser.

The android phone you buy does matter quite a bit. It is really really tempting to buy an older, less expensive model. I'd advise to stick with something newer. I'm not trying to say you have to get the latest and greatest, but a phone running android version 4.3 is preferred.

Check out John's post here for info on what features work on what versions of android.

Now, I am not an affiliate of Samsung or anything but I got my Galaxy S3 (top of the line in 2012) super cheap last year and it sports android 4.4.

*Watch me get in trouble for saying that*