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More discreet app icon
Any chance you can create an app icon that is a little more discreet? It's a little embarrassing to have to explain the situation every t...
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iOS Beta Testers Wanted!
Hey Folks We have a brand new Covenant Eyes browser for you to test! High-Five! As we have been working on our Covenant Eyes solution fo...
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Apple or Android?
I am trying to help my son choose the best smart phone that can be protected by CE the strictest and easiest. I have seen several issues ...
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Apps without built-in browser
I’ve used Covenant Eyes app on my iOS devices after turning off Safari in Restrictions. Some apps have a built-in browser that does no...
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iOS Browser keeps crashing
This is something I've noticed, both with the Beta TestFlight version and finally with the current App Store version.  The iOS browser wo...
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Android Incognito mode
Since CE can't track the Android browser when it is in incognito mode, is there a way to deactivate that mode? This is a big hole. If any...
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