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Android App Blocker not blocking YouTube app
Hello, I spoke to a CE rep a few weeks ago about the fact that my CE App Blocker isn't always blocking the YouTube app on my Android devi...
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Android App Does Not Work Well
Guys, I am more than a little frustrated with the lack of development on the android OS.  I have used Covenant Eyes for years on the PC a...
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Android App Not Working
I'm currently one version behind and my phone works fine but it doesn't seem like CE is really working. The app occasionally crashes and ...
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iPhone battery drain
I apologize if this has been covered but most of what I found on the search was for android devices.  But ever since the new iphone app c...
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Covenant Eyes VPN on iOS causing issues with SSL connections
Most apps seem to have an initial connection failure unless I open the CE app first. Productivity apps, games, etc ... some of them simp...
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iOS 8 Safari CE Extension
iOS 8, which releases this fall, will allow extensions to be installed in Safari. I think it would be a great idea if Covenant Eyes could...
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LastPass is not working on mobile after latest update.
Long time user and we really appreciate your app. The new update on android is preventing LastPass (password manager) from opening. Show...
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So now I can only use Chrome with the next Android update?
I really like using Firefox because I can block ads with ublock on mobile.  But Chrome on mobile doesn't (at least not that I've seen) al...
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Eliminating the "no network connection" popups in Mac.
Is there a way to eliminate the CE popups on Mac that notify that there is no network connection? Whenever my Macbook goes to sleep, it t...
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