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Android full device monitoring
Are there long term plans to better support device accountability in Android? The prevalence of in-app browsers seems to be growing meani...
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Android Nougat Guest Account
I managed to get myself a Google Pixel XL phone and was all excited about it. However, I soon realized that on Android Nougat, one can si...
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Install as system app
Could there be an option to easily install CE as a system app or at least run when in safemode? That's a loophole that needs to be plugged!
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LastPass is not working on mobile after latest update.
Long time user and we really appreciate your app. The new update on android is preventing LastPass (password manager) from opening. Show...
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CE log on dialogue box when computer starts
When my husband starts his computer there is a dialogue box asking for the covenant eyes username and password. If he closed this dilogue...
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Messing with Bash on Windows
Covenant Eyes seems to be messing with Bash on Windows, the new Linux Subsystem layer in the Insider Previews. (It will be released on th...
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