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Windows Phone 8 & Windows RT
Hello- I know this has been addressed some on comments in other threads, but wanted to start a new one for updated info. I'd love to s...
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Apps without built-in browser
I’ve used Covenant Eyes app on my iOS devices after turning off Safari in Restrictions. Some apps have a built-in browser that does no...
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CE Locking Up on Mac
Not sure if others are having this problem, but every time I come out of sleep mode on my Macbook Pro, running Mavericks and the latest v...
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I use Steam for computer gaming, and have been doing so for around a year. Just today Covenant eyes started blocking the steam store.... ...
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Problems with Chrome version 37
We have received word that a number of our customers have been experiencing issues with Chrome since they released their update to Chrome...
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Disable login pop-up?
Is it possible for the CE login not to pop up when staring or opening my laptop? I'd rather manually activate the login interface. Normal...
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