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Potential universal coverage on all Apple products? I was perusing the IOS9 API extensions and this looked interesting...
IOS9 API Extensions now include access to on device content filter with special permission from Apple.
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IOS 9 Content Blocking
I was looking at details on content blocking in iOS 9 and thought that this might be a great way for Covenant Eyes to improve its usibili...
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CE running in the background of iOS devices WITHOUT jailbreaking! [Solved]
One of the biggest problems with iOS is that locking the device in order to stay accountable a) breaks default functionality like links f...
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What if Covenant Eyes had their own proxy server to support devices incapable of running CE?
I've seen several posts about Accountability for numerous devices, such as Kindle/Nook, Nintendo DS, Wii, Linux, etc... New devices are ...
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Uninstall without a code.
The uninstaller needs a way to uninstall without a code. The little episode from this morning creates a pretty untenable situation: at a...
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