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With Tax Season upon us now many folks will be doing their taxes from home with programs like Quicken, Turbotax, and others. As a general rule, an up to date version of Covenant Eyes should not impact this software by... (More)


Hello Kaleb.

Thanks for your question and for the encouragement. We appreciate it. I am unaware of anything specific for the Covenant Eyes browser on iOS devices coming up but I will be more than happy to share your suggestions... (More)

Hello Simeon.

Thanks for your suggestion. That's a solid idea and one that I'll be happy to pass on to my developers. If there is anything else we can help with just let us know.

Have a great rest of... (More)


Hi James!

Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum. The Covenant Eyes software/app does require members to sign in for accountability.

If you're receiving a message that your username and/or password is invalid, consult our How do... (More)146