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Hello Matthew.

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing that issue. How frequently is that issue occurring? Does it occur after any updates to either the Mac OS or the Covenant Eyes software installed?... (More)


Hello Chance.

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, after speaking with some other techs I can confirm that there isn't much we can do or suggest for a device that is locked behind a third party like a school administrator or... (More)


Hello Tom.

Thanks for your question and observation. And yes I agree, Covenant Eyes being able to screen monitor within the Safari browser app on iOS devices is a fantastic change. In case you wanted or needed any help getting... (More)


Hi Tom,

I'd wait and see what Covenant Eyes has to say, but, if you have someone set up Screen Time settings with a PIN, you would have to enter that PIN in order to factory reset your iPad. Basically... (More)