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Hello Ben.

Thanks for your question and I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing that issue. The most common causes for the M201 error include connection issues separate from our app, an overzealous firewall, and certain antiviruses -... (More)


Hello Harold!

Thank you for reaching out! Yes, you do need to have an account with us in order to use the Covenant Eyes® app. This link108 will take you to our sign up page and you can get started... (More)


For a few different reasons, we currently do not support Chromebooks with our software. This is due to both technical reasons and practical ones. If you’re wanting to know more about our stance, you can take a look at our... (More)


Hi, Bruce! 

Thank you for reaching out to us in this forum. We're happy you're here! Yes, you can access your Spotify account and listen to music in the Covenant Eyes browser. 

Have a great day,